Brand Representation:Concentrate on your About Us Page.

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SEO the most important part for you to make you website visible in the web crowd. But now days don't you think only SEO became an old monk story. Yeh! you can try it because it will be the same for ever as it is the pillar of the house. But the difference is now everyone wants to make their business/company/website a brand along with visibility. That's what stuck us with SEO. SEO is able to get you a great visibility with no doubt at all. But if you want brand representation then you need to put some extra effort with SEO. The process will be same only difference is how you add your creativity.
It matters a lot for a Digital Marketing executive to implement his/her creativity with what he/she does. SEO is nothing but an art to customize a search engine. We have to step forward with the updated version of all search engine algorithms. In my previous post I had mentioned the techniques of personality management. Of course it is an part of On-line reputation management but all criteria never be in same group.
Content plays a vital role in every website that we know previously but the fact in lime light is "About Us" page. This page defines your brand, represents your business. So you have to be focused on your "About Us" page. Any client or user if visiting your website casually for the first time then automatically he/she will visit the about us section as it defines you and your business so every one has a curiosity to know more on it. It actually creates an impression on the users mind. As simple as you will trust a brand if it is a "Old One" or else ""if you understands it very well". So simple to get it in your mind that if your brand is old then no need to work so hard to represent it as you have that much of success stories to represent their brand. But what if you are new to competition ??? there is no option left for you besides accepting the truth that you are a kid in the competition. But that any way doesn't make sense to make your client belief you. In that case you need to represent your self as if you are the best and you have the potential to compete with any rival although you are new. So you have to make your work procedure so simple that any one can understand what you are trying to make them understand.
Some basic points that are mandatory to be in your "Brand" or "About Us" page:
  • Overview
  • History
  • Innovation
  • Your Team
  • Future Aspects
  • Work Procedure
  • FAQs
Some simple steps you need to apply to write all the above points also.
  1. Keep your audience with you by telling them your story and work procedure. That means start and maintain a structure of writing in a way that the viewer will never get bored of reading it. A simple example to it is you will never get bored while reading an interesting story but once in you life you must have got bored of your study book. The point to be note is that everyone will enjoy if you will tell them a story that they like but they will simply kick if you will compel them to make your story read which would seem to be a news.

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