Web Personality Development: Start your SEO with yourself first.

Posted by Deepak kumar satapathy on 02:21 with 1 comment
Starting with SEO we all know it is all about "How to optimize a site" or "Getting web traffic" or "Getting proper visibility in the web crowd". But how if I will tell you that we can use the SEO for our personality development on the web. Yes, not talking about a new technology the same "Online Reputation Management". But reputation management word suits for those who have a publicity before entering in to the web world or get entries for the publicity out of the web world. For those who certainly wants to become a web public figure, here I introduce a simple technology called Web Personality Management or Development.

Unlike soft skill and personality development here you no need to learn the speaking techniques how to behave tips. All you need to know about how you represent yourself on the web. People are present on the social media in a vast way so first you have to target those people.

  • Some points you have to follow first.
  • Find out your web medium.
  • Find out your sector to specialize.
  • Get the ideas and works of your own that you can share with public.
  • Set your targeted audience or fan region.
After making an entry into your web medium first you need to set a specialization fact of your own to make people know that you do. Then describe yourself in the about section of your fan page/profile. Now make people belief that you are a master about your passion and do best or you can do best. Now keep your posts regarding your passion/work publicly and bring a limelight to your work. always try to get attention from your fans and push your posts to reach them by any mean. Set your target to reach so that you will get your goal soon and never keep a limited targeted region.


The above shown diagram can make the things simple for you. No doubt now days everyone has knowledge about social networking sites and every person is having a profile on most of the social networking sites. But with lake knowledge in social media optimization people fail to achieve a proper popularity. There is nothing like you only can get a good performance on the web optimization report only if you are having the proper knowledge or achievements in the respective field. It's all about representation and you can achieve your goal through it.