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Monday, 11 January 2016

Copy Writing SEO

Maybe you are wondering how SEO content reaches leading list with google or any other search engine? An effective strategy to check how SEO content is optimized is by using spider simulation. Search engine spiders are actually algorithms or programs that are utilizing a selective process to choose applicable data by World-wide-web along with list web sites then index the pages and then sorts them and then rank according to their deserving quality. 

Consequently, managing a spider simulator will work an effective test of elimination that will help you run an effective website. Quite a few major things to see about bots usually are: Computer animation or photographs using a site that will pushes written text in private won't usually list very well with online search engine pages. As an illustration, back links end up being arranged so that will pick up the various search engines spider's eyesight, in like manner speak. Your look for engine spider simulator can certainly decide if back links will be connected a Visitor for you to your internet site without having lots of bogus links connected contributing for you to nowhere. Investigation engine spider simulators might also assist you when attemping to discover keywords discovered amid the content of a World-wide-web page. It is important to position keywords around the first few grammatical construction of your written text using a Web site to bring in online search engine spiders. That is a lot more successful as compared to keywords seen in grammatical construction in the very center or with the end. Also a thing to take into consideration is just how bots read HTML code. Keywords and phrases that will may have been created to search over the rest a webpage in truth may possibly be seen around the other structure simply by google search spider. Within a very short time period of managing your internet site through a spider simulator people will get a very good deal with of what search engine spiders search for when running with World-wide-web pages. JavaScript, Thumb, Meta tags, photo written text, along with specified dynamic web sites usually usually are not SEO favorites. Spider simulation's primary operate is to search written text along with concentrate on thoroughly positioned keywords. Being familiar with basic principles of seo by using spider simulation can substantially raise your odds of getting outlined in the larger list with online search engine pages.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Search Engine Optimization

"Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results - often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. "

Search Engine Optimization or shortly SEO is the process of increasing the no. of visitors for a particular website or web page, and keeping the rank of the website on top of the search engine result page (SERP), and all are in a healthy organic/ethical way rather artificial. You can define it as a process of getting traffic with a natural organic and editorial ways. This is a part of Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing or Online Marketing that considers the way a search engine works and in accordance to that starts collecting traffic with a prepared strategy by the user.It is mainly dependent on the algorithm of a search engine, what exactly people are looking for on a search engine, what term or phrase or keyword that are people looking for, to get accurate search results for the user. Optimization process for a website or the SEO strategy involves the design process of a website, contents placed on it, meta tagging, and link building. Though link building is considered as a spam activity but I strongly believe that this is the backbone of SEO, only we have to take care of the genuine content and not violating the webmaster guidelines.

SEO is the new era marketing strategy that focuses on increasing the visibility of your website in the web crowd, getting you more traffic and increase your ranking among the non paid search results, that is known as organic. It is about being both technical and creative for a person to improve the ranking of a website and drive heavy traffic towards a website. This is all about making your site structured enough that a search engine can understand, but that doesn't mean your site to make only search engine friendly, this means to make your site better too for an user to understand.

Why SEO needed for a website !

Though there are various platforms present on the web to get traffic for your website, but search engines are the most preferable way that a general user will choose. You can be dependent on different social media platform or paid advertisements, but a search engine result gives a faith to an user. the major traffic that a website can get from are the commercial search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Search engines are unique with their result showing algorithm and this makes a search engine power house to get more traffic for a website. So if search engine algorithms can not make it happen to crawl your site and store it, the content and data of your site to their database then you will miss a great opportunity reach at the users who are looking for your service and drive the traffic to your website.  Thus to invite the search engine algorithm to cache your site more and more we need SEO for a website, that give an ethical and organic way to get listed on search engine database.
Best ever SEO solution

Friday, 26 June 2015

What is a Search Engine !

"A program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web."

Basically "Search Engines" are programs or applications that search for documents with in it's database for the particular keyword you are looking for and take you to the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and where it shows you a list of documents where the keywords you were looking for were found. We can also define it as a web based application or tool which enables you to extract the information from world wide web. Some of the popular search engines for present days are Google, Yahoo, msn, bing and etc. Every search engine is having their own automated programs or algorithms (called as Robot or Bot or Spider) to gather data from different sites by visiting them.

As informed above about the spider/Bots, all of them are having their own algorithms which are based on some different and complex mathematical formulas to generate search results. Then the information regarding a user's query is displayed on the search engine result page by using the algorithm to find out properly. The accuracy of a search engine result page for your query actually depends on it's algorithm. While looking for the data on every page through the spider a Search Engine takes page title, content and keyword density as the key element of a web page and then it decides to which result t place where on the SERP. As stated above every search algorithm is different so it should not be expected for one search result on a search engine to be same for the other search engine's result page. To make it more complicate and the search engine results accurate, the search engine algorithms are closely guarded and constantly undergoing for changes and modification.

For any search engine there are three processes. They are Crawling, Indexing and SERP sorting. Under the first process Crawling; the spider follows all the web pages over world wide web and crawls or visits the contents with in it and finds if any link present on the page to other pages to visit. Thus it completes it's process of crawling all the pages present over web. After Spider completes it's process of crawling the next starts Indexing. Indexing is nothing but to follow the spider crawled pages and index them into categories to store in their database. While indexing a spider always gives preference to the key elements of a web page such as Page title, Meta tag, Meta Description, Keywords etc to categorize it as it plays a vital role for a SERP rankings. After finishing the process of indexing the spider stores the collected data in the search engine database. And finally coming to the SERP Sorting; while a user searches for any keyword or phrase on search engine search box the Bot/Spider tries to match the searched keywords with the data available in database and thus it allows to show no. of results for your searched queries on the Search Engine Result Page.All these complicated process takes only fraction of seconds to complete.

There are two views for every web pages. One is the user view and the other one is Search Engine View. Meaning to the statement is how it seems us a web page doesn't same for a search engine algorithm. The version of a web page we see is designed with large photos,Flash animation and other designing stuffs which are not visible to a search engine.Search Engine reads the plain text forms of all web pages that is the simple and clean html formats of all web pages so it is better to keep your website simple and clean.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Brand Representation:Concentrate on your About Us Page.

SEO the most important part for you to make you website visible in the web crowd. But now days don't you think only SEO became an old monk story. Yeh! you can try it because it will be the same for ever as it is the pillar of the house. But the difference is now everyone wants to make their business/company/website a brand along with visibility. That's what stuck us with SEO. SEO is able to get you a great visibility with no doubt at all. But if you want brand representation then you need to put some extra effort with SEO. The process will be same only difference is how you add your creativity.
It matters a lot for a Digital Marketing executive to implement his/her creativity with what he/she does. SEO is nothing but an art to customize a search engine. We have to step forward with the updated version of all search engine algorithms. In my previous post I had mentioned the techniques of personality management. Of course it is an part of On-line reputation management but all criteria never be in same group.
Content plays a vital role in every website that we know previously but the fact in lime light is "About Us" page. This page defines your brand, represents your business. So you have to be focused on your "About Us" page. Any client or user if visiting your website casually for the first time then automatically he/she will visit the about us section as it defines you and your business so every one has a curiosity to know more on it. It actually creates an impression on the users mind. As simple as you will trust a brand if it is a "Old One" or else ""if you understands it very well". So simple to get it in your mind that if your brand is old then no need to work so hard to represent it as you have that much of success stories to represent their brand. But what if you are new to competition ??? there is no option left for you besides accepting the truth that you are a kid in the competition. But that any way doesn't make sense to make your client belief you. In that case you need to represent your self as if you are the best and you have the potential to compete with any rival although you are new. So you have to make your work procedure so simple that any one can understand what you are trying to make them understand.
Some basic points that are mandatory to be in your "Brand" or "About Us" page:
  • Overview
  • History
  • Innovation
  • Your Team
  • Future Aspects
  • Work Procedure
  • FAQs
Some simple steps you need to apply to write all the above points also.
  1. Keep your audience with you by telling them your story and work procedure. That means start and maintain a structure of writing in a way that the viewer will never get bored of reading it. A simple example to it is you will never get bored while reading an interesting story but once in you life you must have got bored of your study book. The point to be note is that everyone will enjoy if you will tell them a story that they like but they will simply kick if you will compel them to make your story read which would seem to be a news.

                                                                             To be Continued...........

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Web Personality Development: Start your SEO with yourself first.

Starting with SEO we all know it is all about "How to optimize a site" or "Getting web traffic" or "Getting proper visibility in the web crowd". But how if I will tell you that we can use the SEO for our personality development on the web. Yes, not talking about a new technology the same "Online Reputation Management". But reputation management word suits for those who have a publicity before entering in to the web world or get entries for the publicity out of the web world. For those who certainly wants to become a web public figure, here I introduce a simple technology called Web Personality Management or Development.

Unlike soft skill and personality development here you no need to learn the speaking techniques how to behave tips. All you need to know about how you represent yourself on the web. People are present on the social media in a vast way so first you have to target those people.

  • Some points you have to follow first.
  • Find out your web medium.
  • Find out your sector to specialize.
  • Get the ideas and works of your own that you can share with public.
  • Set your targeted audience or fan region.
After making an entry into your web medium first you need to set a specialization fact of your own to make people know that you do. Then describe yourself in the about section of your fan page/profile. Now make people belief that you are a master about your passion and do best or you can do best. Now keep your posts regarding your passion/work publicly and bring a limelight to your work. always try to get attention from your fans and push your posts to reach them by any mean. Set your target to reach so that you will get your goal soon and never keep a limited targeted region.


The above shown diagram can make the things simple for you. No doubt now days everyone has knowledge about social networking sites and every person is having a profile on most of the social networking sites. But with lake knowledge in social media optimization people fail to achieve a proper popularity. There is nothing like you only can get a good performance on the web optimization report only if you are having the proper knowledge or achievements in the respective field. It's all about representation and you can achieve your goal through it.